Friday, April 10, 2015

Meet Marijuana Advocate DarthLimbo

Meet marijuana advocate @Darthlimbo (Instagram).
Dabs Magazine met DarthLimbo at Abra Ca Dabs 2015 in Los Angeles.
E-Zone interviewed DarthLimbo and got his thoughts on the event. He felt Abra Ca Dabs was awesome  and that it is all about the love and people uniting... not to mention the music and concentrates. "That's what it's all about!" Post interview DarthLimbo grabbed some medicated tacos...that's whats up!

GIRLS GONE DAB - 420Nurses

At the 2015 Abra Ca Dabs event in Los Angeles California, Dabs Magazine was on the scene grabbing interviews, having fun and eating medicated treats. E-Zone interviews ChaChaVaVoom and Summer Rain of 420Nurses. They represented the Vader and Paris OG booth handing out dab after dab. These folks really wanted to get waxed out! The commitment the 420 Nurses  have to our current Cannabis culture is unmatched. Check out this interview  and see their passion in action!

805 Oilers - Shatter Wax

E-Zone of Dabs Magazine talks with Johannah representing 805Oilers at the
Abra Ca Dabs event. Extracts are discussed as well as preferences.
Do you have a preference?

Kutt Throat Mafia Records - Dabs After Dabs

Dr. K of Dabs Magazine interviews Kutt Throat Mafia Records.
Owners/CEOs Of Kutt Throat Mafia Records LLC Two Mexican American Brothers Savik (Anthony Arenas) Born 2/25/1991 And Skeem (Ernesto Arenas) Born 11/21/1989 Up And Coming MC's/Producers Born And Raised In Killa California Grew Up On The Eastside Of Los Angeles Where Poverty Is Up Not Down And Drugs And Crimes Are Normal Not Unusual. With The Mind Of A Hustler,The Heart Of A Rider,Kush To Stay Focused And learning The Game Young We Survived These Streets. Seeing Homies And Family Members Die,Get Locked Up And Fall To Drugs And Gang Violence We Kept Grindin To See Better Days. With Death Around The Corner And Envy All Over We Started Expressing Our Life Through Music And Got Good Feedback From The Streets So We Stayed Dedicated And Determined To It. Been Doing This Music Since 2006 But Always Been Around Music Like Gangsta Rap And Oldies Growing Up As Kids So We Do Music With Our Heart And Soul Kus Thats The Music We Know. So If You Can Relate Then You Can Relate To Our Music. #KushLifeBrand!! #KuttThroatMafiaRecords!! #KL!! #KTMR!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

GooseFire Gallery - decorative and functional glass art

The GooseFire Gallery is dedicated to the exhibition of the best in modern, experimental glass art. Both decorative and functional works are featured, exploring the boundless creativity found in combining aesthetic expression with science and function.

Their mission is to provide an art space in which the work of established and new artists can be viewed and supported.  By collaborating closely with the groundbreaking community of artists working in contemporary glass, they aim to support and provide a forum for their works to be experienced and appreciated by anyone and everyone who 
has an interest in the growing glass art movement. See more  here.

Hitman Glass Dougie speaks on the 710 Hinge

Hitman Glass Dougie speaks on the 710 Hinge
at the release party.
An innovative nail, no need for a carb-cap any longer.
This hinge has a carb-cap attached to it! 
No longer are your friends going to be coming up on your tools.
Exclusive interview only Dabs Magazine.

Dizzy Wright DABBED OUT

Adam Ill and E-Zone of Dabs Magazine interviews Dizzy Wright and Dope_As_Yola at this years event Abra Ca Dabs.
Topics are discussed such as:
"What are you smoking on?"
"Flowers over Dabs?"
and more.
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