Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DAB SATAN - Glass Automation - Wicked Dabbing

Dr. K (Hefner of Pot), interviews Alex Kelley of Goon Glass
at the American Glass Exposition this 2015.
Meet Dab Satan !
Dab Satan is freakin' awesome!
Glassautomation LLC offers High Quality borosilicate apparatuses.
Glass Gallery is open monthly in Las Vegas.. Wholesale/Retail 

Dizzy Extracts - 710 Shatter - Dabbing BHO

Dabs Magazine interviews J.T. of Dizzy Extracts #DizzyExtracts .
Quality is always over quantity and Dizzy Extracts makes it clear that they offer some of the best, most pure wax and shatter out there.
Dizzy Extracts - 710 Shatter - Dabbing BHO

Monday, March 30, 2015

Linse Lighters - 420 Fire 710 Heating

Dabs Magazine interviews Linse Lighters at the
2015 High Times Cannabis Cup

Linse lighters solve the problem that many people have dealt with for so long, burning their fingers while using a lighter. Their simple yet versatile patent pending technology inherent in their lighters allows people to have a much safer and better experience when lighting a candle, water pipe, pipe, cigar, cigarette, or any other practical/recreational use. The nozzle that directs the flame protracts to 0, 45, and 90 degrees, effectively directing the flame away from a user’s thumb. The lighter’s patent pending technology, matched with its simple functionality exponentially reduces the risk of burning one’s thumb.

Their unparalleled product is the first in its industry to introduce such innovations while maintaining a practical price point. Get your hands on a Linse Lighter today!

Heady Glass Porn

Dabs Magazine was @ the AGE Event this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joined by E-zone, Adam Ill, Doctor K and more we set foot to see some of the most heady glass in the world! You couldn't help but feel nervous walking around such expensive pieces however, I definitely recommend going to the American Glass Expo to experience this fantastic art in person.
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Friday, March 27, 2015

GRASSROOTS CALIFORNIA - Cannabis Culture - 710 Lifestyle

Dabs Magazine's very own Adam Ill interviews
Grassroots California™  which started as a vision of Ryan’s aka Ruga to change the way the world looked at marijuana. Ruga worked in real estate finance for 3 years after graduating from the University of Colorado. While working in real estate he noticed many people in his company profiting from the new legalization of marijuana by leasing buildings for dispensaries, selling warehouses for commercial grow ops but having nothing to do with marijuana its self. Ruga who became a patient after suffering from a surfing injury that fractured his skull in three places started using medical marijuana to help with the pain. After becoming legal and seeing all the benefits of medical marijuana it was Ruga’s vision to spread the word by making a documentary film of what is going on in the California marijuana movement. Ruga worked on a business plan on the weekends while working in Real Estate to plan his escape. Than he landed the opportunity he needed to be able to make his vision come true, he sold an $11 million dollar FedEx building. With his commission check and business plan in hand he said goodbye to the real estate business and hello to his dreams.

Grassroots California™ is a progressive clothing line that makes quality merchandise at affordable prices and donates a percentage of its proceeds on every purchase. It is our vision to create a company that gives back to the communities we live in around the globe.Grassroots California™ believes in working with the community. If you are a band, organization, artist or know someone that might be interested in working with Grassroots California please email them here.

Copper Electroforming with Skron_e89

Dabs Magazine's E-Zone interviews Ronnie better known as Skron_e89 on instagram.
This man is a genius when it comes to Copper Electrofroming.
If you are looking for a cool, unique, Copper Electrofromed piece, look no further!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Antho_805 Glass Artist interview

Dabs Magazine scored an interview with Glass Artist Antho.
We caught him at Abra Ca Dabs  with his bros Slick Extracts and BHOmbing_America - Exclusive interview!
Good looking out E-Zone!

2Mex interview - West Coast Underground Legend

Adam Ill interviews 2Mex at Abra Ca Dabs 2015.
Alejandro Ocana, better known by his stage name 2Mex, is a rapper from Los Angeles, California. He is a member of The Visionaries and Of Mexican Descent. He has collaborated with underground hip hop artists such as Jel, Omid, Thavius Beck, Factor, Radioinactive and Isaiah "Ikey" Owens. He is a member of the Project Blowed crew, and he is affiliated with Shape Shifters.
Exclusive interview brought to you by Dabs Magazine.

Paola Arriaga captures Cannabis Culture - POV

Paola Arriaga captures Cannabis Culture at Abra Ca Dabs for a
college school project.
Adam Ill ( Gettinghighwith ) interviews Paola 
and receives her thoughts on the event Abra Ca Dabs 
in terms of Cannabis Culture and arts.
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HitMan Hinge - 420 710 Shatter Top Hat

Dabs Mag, E-Zone interviews Ryan of HitMan Glass as they display their new 
Hinge Nail at this years Abra Ca Dabs arts and music festival.
Ryan shows us the Hat, a new top hat that's also a carb-cap, all built in. 
They offer inserts for E-Nails, Infinities and stand alone Carb-Caps. 
You can actually low-temp  burn on this Titanium nail 
which is revolutionary for dabbers worldwide.
Let's keep getting baked!

Hitman Hinge Release @ Goose Fire Gallery - 710 420 lifestyle

Dabs Magazine was at the GooseFire Gallery Hitman Hinge Release.
This new Titanium hinge allows you to cap your hit all in one go.
Hitman Hinge Release @ Goose Fire Gallery 710 420 lifestyle.
Hosted by Hitman Glass it was awesome to see all the heady glass Gossr Fire Gallery had on display.

Bee Hive Concentrates - Bomb BHO - SHATTER

Bee Hive Concentrates - Bomb BHO - SHATTER.
Meet Dave of Bee Hive Concentrates.
We caught up with him at
Abra Ca Dabs this last weekend in Los Angeles.
Quality product, let's get high!

Original Glass Downtown - Skidrow - Below Poverty Level Artists

Dabs Magazine stops by Original Glass
in Downtown Los Angeles to say hello.
Meet O.G. and ETZ one, this team started Original Glass over 8 years ago and have expanded ever since. They have recently teamed up with fashion/ lifestyle brand BPLA
(Below Poverty Level Artists)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Abra Ca Dabs - 2015

Dabs Magazine attended Abra Ca Dabs this year 2015.
Check out this awesome highlight clip Dabs Magazine put together.
There were excellent vibes at this event, not to mention performances by Dilated Peoples, 2Mex, Scoop DeVille, Demrick and many others!
Joined by Adam Ill, E-Zone and Dr.K the crew was unstoppable!
AbraCaDabs is an open to the public event to unify our community through music, art, & concentrates.
This video clip features the likes of many whom attended+
the event! tag a friend!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Kush Grinder - MaMa P's Wholesale Grinding Co. - DabsMagazine.com

Dr. K interviews MaMa P's Wholesale Grinding Co.
They have the most awesome smoking accessories in the universe! For the true connoisseur!
Check out their site!

HIVE CERAMICS exclusive interview

HIVE CERAMICS exclusive interview with
Dabs Magazine.
Hive Ceramics offers the First and Only
Medical Grade, Natural Ceramic Element.
Check them out here.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Secret Sessions 3-1-2015

Secret Sesh 3-1-2015
The crew is back in full effect!
This secret sesh went down in history!
Has anyone ever dabbed slabs?
Watch now~!

Adam Ill Impersonation Contest at the Secret Sesh

Adam Ill Impersonation Contest at the Secret Sesh!
Who will win the dope ass HD TV?
Who has the best Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
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