Friday, February 20, 2015

SETH BRAYER - Glass Artist - Interview

Glass artist Seth Brayer currently lives and works in Santa Barbara, CA.  He works primarily in borosilicate glass creating original sculpture, marbles, pendants, jewelry and functional glass.  Seth uses a centuries-old technique known as lampworking or flameworking in order to shape and manipulate the glass.

His art is highly influenced by his experiences as an underwater photographer and his love for the ocean.  Seth is self-taught, with no formal training as a glassblower.  He has been steadily blowing glass since 2004, and is continuing to produce very intricate and detailed work helping to create an aesthetic all his own.

"I happened into all this by accident, fell in love with it, and it has taken over my life.  There really is no formula for happiness."   ~ Seth Brayer

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